June 12-18 Sketches

June 12,13 &14 – a lesson on creating shine on the eye.  stumbled upon nicofey’s blog on deviantart.  Cool stuff he has there.  Copied his technique for the 3 drawings I made. Image Image


June 15 – played with my waterbrush and finished a quick sketch I did of a grandmother sharing a biscuit with her grand daughter.Image

June 16 – inspired by an impressionist Monet painting  of his garden in Giverny



June 17 watch an online video on water color painting, illustrating the 50% rule. It states that the first wash should delineate the basic areas of the landscape.  The secong wash should cover 50% of the total drawing, incorporating some details.  The third wash, 50% of the 50% or 25% of the drawing, for more details or highlights. Not too successful at it though.  Need more practice. 🙂  For this image, the emphasis is on the foreground.


June 18 a sketch of a father and daughter




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