Painting, seriously?


Every since childhood, I’ve spent hours making scribbles on paper, drawing still life,  landscapes and cityscapes or what have you.  I was not exactly good at it at first, but in my teen years, I realized that drawing was something I really enjoyed doing more than anything else.  It sent me into trance, teleported me  to another dimension where time simply did not exist.   It allowed me to independently express myself and record the things around me, with every line, shape and form.


My father wasnt so keen on sending me to art school .  As a compromise, he let me take a summer art program under Fernando Sena where I learned the basics  of drawing.  It was here where I had my first group exhibit at the Philam Life Building in Manila.  My art submission was an oil pastel drawing of the St. John River at night.

In college, I spent a few sessions with artist Fernando Kabigting, who willingly gave me free art lessons.  He is responsible for teaching me the technique in scaling my drawings, which proved valuable to me to this day.

I am an interior designer by education and profession; a magazine writer on the side;  an artist wannabe, a solo  traveler, a seasonal civic volunteer, and quite a  good cook (my second love) as a matter of fact.

My trip to Africa renewed my interest in freehand drawing and painting.  It was here where I volunteered to teach design  and color theories to college students and  kids.  The absence of computers prompted me to resort back to manual drawing and painting, which I had shelved for quite some time, due to the fast paced demands of  a career in interior design.

When I got back home in the Philippines, I started searching for groups that engaged in freehand drawing and sketching.  It was then when I stumbled upon the group Urban Sketchers Philippines, which I am currently a member.  We normally sketch on location on a monthly basis, as a group; although, we are encouraged to draw as often as possible and post it on our facebook group page.


About a week ago, I joined a painting session with the Fernando Amorsolo Art Foundation.  They provide a venue for professional well known artists to meet younger artist wannabes, like myself.  It was here where I discovered that my artworks have the potential to change the world.

I had normally painted for art’s sake and to give as gifts to people who are special to me; but, never have I sold any of my paintings, for the simple reason that I am emotionally attached to my work.   The thought of  giving them up for a noble cause, such as to raise funds for the marginalized, the needy and the sick, changed my views entirely.

Now, I have found a far deeper reason for the gift that had been entrusted to me.  Today, my art is no longer mine alone.

This photo blog is meant to  track my development from an artist wannabe to a full fledged artist.   Hopefully, I can complete my daily drawing entries in a timely manner, with quality work in mind.



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